Summer Birthday Blues - Solutions for a child with a summer birthday

Summer Birthday Blues

summer birthday party ideas

I have a summer birthday.  August birthdays as a child should be exciting – warm weather, no school – but when you are in elementary school – you totally miss out.  No celebration in school, no “happy birthdays” from everyone you see, no announcement of your birthday to the class – and worst of them all – no one to attend your birthday party – and no idea who to invite even if you had a party.

So, what’s a mom to do…are there birthday party ideas that work for summer? Or do you just put the party off till the Fall.  Here are three solutions to the summer birthday blues.

  1. The obvious, family celebration in the summer, friend celebration in the fall.  Plus side – your child essentially gets two birthdays.  Down side, it feels less celebratory.
  2. Weeknight birthday party – many people travel in the summer, gone for weeks at a time.  But many also do weekend trips.  Your can maximize the number of kids available for a birthday party if you do a weekday evening party.  Do it at a place or for dinner in your backyard.  If you do it at a place, you likely can get a discounted rate in the summer – make sure you ask!
  3. Super special activity – alleviate the “birthday party envy” of your child by planning a super special event or activity.  Because it is in lieu of a traditional birthday party, you may be able to make it a little more luxurious than your typical gift for your child.  Maybe its a trip to an amusement park, a broadway show, horseback riding, white water rafting?  Focussing on the excitement of that activity instead of a birthday party makes it super special, and likely even more memorable. Find some great ideas at

Give your summer birthday child a hug.  The good news is that when they are older and go off to college, there is a better chance they will be home to celebrate with you for their birthday.  Happy Summer.


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