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outdoor birthday partyoutdoor birthday party

What to do at an outdoor birthday party – DIY activities that are easy to plan and execute

Outdoor birthday parties are perfect for summer  – even if you have to worry about the weather in the late afternoons on those hot (Northeastern) August days.  They are cost effective, fun and can be customized for your child’s interests.  Here are some ideas from our favorite 11 year old – Ethan.


    • Obstacle courses. Obstacle courses are a great way to have fun and keep active at the same time. You don’t really need much to make them- there are so many things you can do. Hula hoop, jump rope, running around the backyard-anything! Grab your phone and time the kids and encourage them to work harder and beat their times. You can buy some obstacle course equipment inexpensively on Amazon.


    • Water games. When the sun is out and it’s burning hot, water games are a great way to cool off. If you have water balloons, your kids can have water balloon fights or if you have a big number of kids, you can do a water balloon toss. Break out the water guns or the hose and spray your kids with it. Nothing like old-fashioned fun with some water! Here are some additional ideas from Buzzfeed.


  • Hide-and-seek. Nothing like and old classic to close out the list. You can play regular hide-and-seek, but here are two other versions you could play-
    • Hide-and-seek tag. Just like regular tag, but you also have to tag the person, too, not just find them.
    • NIGHT SEEKER – Regular hide-and-seek, but just in the dark.  Break the kids into teams and give them each a home base.   Each team gets one flashlight!  If they are  old enough, you can have it at a park where the terrain is more complicated.

Outdoor parties are great even into the fall.  If you have money in your budget, you can add on some rentals like bouncy houses for younger kids and gaga pits for older kids.  If you don’t know what gaga is, you can learn more at what-is-gaga.


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