Birthday Gift Ideas for Tween boys and Boy's Birthday Parties

    3 Gift Ideas for Tween Boys

    Tween boys are hard.  Planning a tween birthday party and finding a birthday party place is one thing – but when your child is the guest and you don’t know the birthday boy well…what do you buy? Here are three tween birthday gift ideas based on what we’ve seen at The Gagasphere.

    1. Nerf anything – but really Nerf guns.  Ok, yeah we don’t like the idea of guns either – but these kids love it.  Make sure to include the protective glasses.  Make sure they don’t open this gift at the birthday party!
    2. VR (that’s virtual reality!) Headset – For under $30 you can get a VR headset (Kohl’s has one!) for use with an iPhone or iPod Touch and a free app.  This is really cool and different, and likely not something they are getting from everyone else.
    3. Fidget Toys – Ok, it doesn’t sound too exciting, but the tween boys love the various fidget toys – you can buy them on amazon.  They are so inexpensive, you can add them on to another gift as well.  Just look up “fidget toy” on and you will see what I mean!

    Our party place, The Gagasphere, is in Waldwick, NJ – in Bergen County.  We LOVE to see tween boys enjoy healthy competitive action in the gaga pit.  We equally love watching the birthday party boys (sweaty and red faced) get excited as our Gaga Pros bring the gifts out to the car.  As much as we like to teach them that birthdays are not about the presents…they are kids. 🙂

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